Event programs

Front & back of 8-page HONK! program folded from an 8.5″x14″ sheet

Inside pages of 2015 HONK! Fest West program

Produced the printed program for the World Rhythm Festival from 1999 through 2018. Here’s the cover from 2017.


HONK! Fest West ad in The Stranger

Ad for The Nation magazine


14″x11″ poster. I did the graphics for HONK! Fest West from 2010-2015.


Mid-’90s logo for Seattle’s premiere hemp store

Logo for a sole proprietor in Portland, OR

Co-founded Eat the State! newspaper in 1996. Designed the nameplate and the accompanying image for t-shirts.


Annual report for the 30th anniversary of Earth Day, for the national Earth Day Network, 2001

Inside page for Earth Day Network 30th annual report

Cover for Tribal Journeys 2008, American Friends Service Committee

Inside page for Tribal Journeys 2008

1-sheet, 2-page report for the Backbone Campaign about Solutionary Rail


Bilingual website for Seattle Family Therapy

CatalyticCommunity.org is a site I launched with friends in 2013. Included news of progressive activism around the southern Salish Sea along with a calendar of progressive events in the greater Seattle area. Sadly, it didn’t survive the COVID shutdown when most things the site was designed for disappeared.


Redesigned and helped relaunch Communities Magazine, a national magazine of intentional community, in 1994, and continued laying out the magazine until 2001.

Co-founded Eat the State! with Geov Parrish in 1996. Designed the publication and did layout for every issue until this final one in 2012.

Did layout for Prison Legal News, a monthly publication of the Human Rights Defense Center, starting in 2005. Redesigned the magazine in 2009, and designed its companion publication Criminal Legal News in 2017. Did layout for both monthly magazines through March of 2023.

Helped design & launch Cascadia Spoke in winter of 2022.