I work primarily with progressive nonprofits, small businesses, community groups, and individuals. (Are you next?) Here are a few of the fine folks I’ve had the honor of working with over the years:

• American Friends Service Committee (newsletter production, report – see portfolio)
• Earth Day Network (annual report design & layoutsee portfolio)
• Green Party of Seattle (newsletter design & editing, various lit)
• Human Rights Defense Center (design & layout of two monthly magazines)
• National Lawyers Guild (report)
• Peace Action of Washington (newsletter design & layout, various lit)
• Reclaim the Media (event guide)
• Sustainable Ballard (event guide, website assistance)

Small businesses
• HouseGeek Home Inspection (websitesee portfolio)
• Terra Hemp (logo design, brochuresee portfolio)
• Eco-Elements (product catalogue)
• One World Arts Exchange (website)
• Seattle Family Therapy (bilingual websitesee portfolio)
• Fat Otter Fishing Charter (websitesee portfolio)

• Bert Sacks (website)
• Paul Loeb (book ad & promotional materialssee portfolio)
• Curt Firestone (city council campaign lit)
• Joe Szwaja (campaign lit)
• David Hahn (composer—promotional packet)
• Mamady Mansare (travel brochure)

• HONK! Fest West (poster, program, logo developmentsee portfolio)
• World Rhythm Festival (program, publicity mailersee portfolio)
• Sustainability Festival—Sustainable Ballard (event guide, website assistance)

• RAIN: Journal of Appropriate Technology (editor)
• Portland Alliance newspaper (regional coordinating editor)
• Seattle Community Catalyst (founding editor, art director, & publisher)
• Communities magazine (design assistance, layoutsee portfolio)
• Eat the State! (co-founder, design & layout, writersee portfolio)
The Blind Spot (daily newsletter of WTO protests, design & layout)
• Port Observer (design & layout)
• Prison Legal News (design & layoutsee portfolio)
• Cascadia Spoke (design & layoutsee portfolio)